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Legislation 2021-2022 Bills

AB 44
Authorizes a Realtor who has changed their surname to continue to use their former name for marketing.

AB 49
Eliminates government waste to streamline affordable housing financing.

AB 63
Cuts green tape to allow for the restoration of marine life along California’s Coast.

AB 67
Sea Level Rise Preparedness Act of 2021 - Safeguards the coast and taxpayer dollars by factoring in sea-level rise prevention.

AB 72
Coastal Adaptation Permitting Act of 2021 - Cuts green tape by establishing a coordinated and efficient process for coastal adaptation permitting.

AB 77
Jarrod’s Law - Establishes regulations to protect patients and shut down rogue substance abuse facilities.

AB 110
Prevents fraud at California’s Employment Development Department (EDD)

AB 265
Ensures critical healthcare services remain accessible and affordable.

AB 400
Establishes the Unemployment Insurance Oversight Advisory Board to hold EDD accountable.

AB 466
Helps connect Californians with their unclaimed property.

AB 540
Increases access to comprehensive healthcare & supportive services for vulnerable seniors.

AB 593
The Golden State Innovation Act – Restores critical tax incentives for Life Sciences companies to spur innovation and fuel job growth.

AB 668
Ensures student loan borrowers are not burdened with unexpected taxes.

AB 689
Provides survivors of Domestic Violence additional avenues to seek services.

AB 954
Gives firefighters in Laguna Woods more resources to improve safety.

AB 1057
Closes a dangerous ghost gun loophole.

AB 1158
Protects the safety of patients recovering from substance abuse treatment by ensuring minimum insurance levels at treatment facilities. 

AB 1286
Holds counties accountable for keeping track of child marriages.

AB 1351
Appropriately aligns penalties for fentanyl trafficking to prevent deaths.

AB 1408
Removes costly barriers to innovative coastal adaptation projects along the coast.