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Standing Committees

Utilities and Energy, Chair
The Utilities and Energy Committee provides legislative oversight on issues involving investor-owned public utilities for the state of California. The subjects within the jurisdiction of the committee include: common carriers; energy conservation; research development, and demonstration and siting of power plants; expansion of overseas markets; interstate commerce; and matters regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission, including investor-owned utility rate increases, water utilities, telecommunications, and trucking.

As we build our clean energy future, the committee will continue to develop a resource portfolio that is sustainable, reliable, and affordable. Committee priorities will include:

  • Energy cost containment for consumers
  • Cutting Green tape to fast track permitting for clean energy projects
  • Ensuring energy grid reliability for California

Banking and Finance
The Banking and Finance Committee oversees any proposed regulatory changes to the banking and financial industry and is focused on consumer protection and ensuring that banking institutions adhere to regulations.  

These issues touch our daily lives—as we use financial products to help us accomplish goals, such as the mortgage on your house and student loans for a college education. Our committees evaluate policies that provide important protections for consumers and ensure a fair and transparent marketplace for financial products and services.

The Insurance Committee oversees insurance (excluding health insurance), workers' compensation, and unemployment compensation.  

Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy
The Jobs, Economic Development, and Economy Committee presides over issues involving the economy in California. This committee evaluates how changes to trade, the federal budget and future local and state economic development will impact the California economy.

We are focused on small business development, trade and foreign investment, the future of work and developing an innovation-based economy.

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