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Government Efficiency

Government Efficiency

The government must do a better job as the custodian of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars. As the Chair of the Accountability and Administrative Review Committee, I am focused on ensuring that taxpayer dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively.

We have seen throughout this pandemic the utter inefficiencies in the state’s Employment Development Department (EDD). This legislative session, I am focused on holding government agencies, including EDD, accountable.

Related Legislation, includes:

  • AB 49: Streamlining Housing Affordability - Consolidates duplicative programs under the State Treasurer’s Office to foster a more efficient approval process for affordable housing financing, putting more money directly into housing people. (2021-22)
  • AB 77: Jarrod’s Law - Raises standards and protects patients in the substance abuse treatment industry, requiring substance abuse treatment programs to be licensed by the Department of Health Care Services. (2021-22)
  • AB 110:  Preventing Prisoner Unemployment Benefit Fraud - Requires the Employment Development Department (EDD) to cross-check incarceration records and prevents fraud. (2021-22)
  • AB 400: Establishes the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Oversight Advisory Board to regularly review the Employment Development Department’s (EDD) UI operations and make recommendations to EDD, the Governor, and the Legislature to achieve ongoing efficiency. (2021-22)
  • AB 469: State Records Management - Improves state records management by establishing a Records Management Coordinator at each state agency, as well as consistent standards for training and reporting across all agencies. (2019-20)

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