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2024 Policy Priorities

It is an honor and privilege to represent you in the California State Assembly. As your Assemblymember, I am working to protect our environment, create good jobs, and keep our communities safe.

This is a summary of the bills that I have introduced this legislative session:


AB 2924 - Ending child marriage: Protecting children by prohibiting marriages of children under the age of 18.


AB 2438 - Enhanced Penalty for Organized Retail Theft: Permits judges to enhance a penalty for retail theft gangs.

AB 2210 - Ignition Interlock Devices: Requires mandatory Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installation for 1st time DUI offenders to prevent drunk driving.


AB 1974 - Gun violence training: Adds training on the risks of gun ownership to the existing training court mediators and child custody evaluators must already take so they are better prepared when dealing with child custody cases.

AB 2759 - Domestic violence exemption for peace officers: Strengthens and clarifies existing law which permits law enforcement and security guards who have committed a domestic violence offense to retain their firearm for their professional duties in order to protect victims and the public.

AB 2096 - School violence restraining orders: Expands current law to permit public universities and postsecondary schools in California to utilize School Violence Restraining Orders. Current law only permits private, postsecondary institutions to utilize this important remedy and to keep their students safe.

AB 3072 - Protecting kids in custody battles: Requires a court to consider a parent's access to firearms when making a decision between in-person and virtual visitation in order to keep children safe during contentious child custody cases.


AB 2129 - Immediate postpartum contraception: Increases access to long acting reversible contraception for postpartum women.

AB 2490 - Emergency reproductive health care services: Establishes a pilot program to enhance the miscarriage, abortion, and pregnancy care women receive in Emergency Departments in California.

AB 2843 - Supporting victims of sexual assault: Prohibits health plans from charging victims of rape and sexual assault for care they receive due to the assault.


AB 2815 - Upgrading electric vehicle charging stations: Expands scope of what existing EV charging funds may be used for to include the repair and upgrade of existing chargers.

AB 2266 - Hybrid and zero-emission vehicles: Expands the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) to make eligible vehicles used commercial reasons.

AB 2292 - Cutting green tape: Accelerates the permitting of large transmission projects by reducing redundant process requirements at the California Public Utilities Commission.

AB 2368 - Energy resource adequacy: Directs the CPUC to utilize industry best practices when preparing the grid to meet required demand and ensure California's grid is more resilient.

AB 2672 - Lowering energy bills for affordable housing: Expands California's energy bill discount program to housing owned or run by public housing authorities.

AB 2779 - Grid enhancing technologies: California needs to triple its current electricity power capacity in order to meet its 2045 clean energy goals. This bill will require a rapid expansion of our transmission system. It requires the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) to report on new use possibilities and cost savings opportunities of Grid Enhancing Technologies (GET) in California.

AB 3016 - Accelerating blue green project permitting: Creates an oversight process for interagency coordination between all state and local agencies with environmental review or permitting jurisdiction related to renewable electrical generation facilities. 


AB 2344 - Wildfire spending transparency: Requires enhanced transparency and oversight on the billions of dollars California has spent to combat wildfires.

AB 2559 - Permitting law accountability: Improves compliance and timelines by local governments to approve permit applications to build EV chargers.

AB 2004 - Remote online notary: Improves existing law authorizing a notary public to certify that a tangible copy of an electronic record is an accurate reproduction of the electronic record

AB 3186 - Access to records: Increases transparency and accountability by requiring that private entities involved in public works, which are funded by public monies, are held to the same standards and accountability metrices as governmental bodies.