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Legislation 2019-2020 Bills


AB 65
AB 65 will prioritize projects that utilize green infrastructure for coastal adaptation to address sea-level rise along California’s coast.

AB 469
AB 469 will establish a Records Management Coordinator at each state agency in order to ensure the careful management of state records by employees with training and clear responsibilities.

AB 526
AB 526 will authorize the implementation and funding of express enrollment in Medi-Cal based on existing information obtained through the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC).

AB 558
AB 558 will expand coordination of pro bono legal assistance for veterans to include active duty service members and their families who would otherwise cannot afford legal services.

AB 608
AB 608 will increase the $10,000 low-value ordinance exemption to $50,000 for all possessory interests to reduce the burden on taxpayers and increase government efficiency.

AB 745
AB 745 will exempt the sale of retail hydrogen fuel from the state and local sales and use tax to ensure parity between the taxation of electricity and hydrogen fuel when sold as a transportation fuel for zero emission vehicles.

AB 919
AB 919 will require the Department of Health Care Services to establish an enforcement program to provide the department with the resources necessary to effectively prevent and stop body brokering schemes within substance abuse treatment facilities.

AB 920
AB 920 will clarify that an alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facility serving six or fewer persons that is engaged in an economic relationship with a treatment provider that owns and operates two or more facilities are not to be treated as a residential home.

AB 933
AB 933 will establish the Ecosystem Resilience Program at the Department of Conservation to provide funding for Watershed Coordinators to address the diverse needs of each of the state’s watersheds.

AB 963
AB 963 will require all public colleges and universities in California to establish a Civic and Voter Empowerment Coordinator to increase democratic participation among the youth in the state.

AB 978
AB 978 will ensure that California family businesses are not double taxed when engaging with business in the state of Texas.

AB 1011
AB 1011 will authorize the Coastal Commission to provide extra consideration to nonprofits who apply for fee waivers to incentivize nonprofits to undertake projects that will provide habitat restoration or improved public access to coastal resources.

AB 1063
AB 1063 will require legislative approval before the state of California could apply for a Covered California 1332 waiver.

AB 1128
AB 1128 will shift the PACE licensing function from the Department of Public Health to the Department of Health Care Services in an effort to streamline the licensing and help seniors remain in their homes.

AB 1199
AB 1199 will provide transparency and community engagement on the Fairview Developmental Center by requiring that a public hearing be held before transfer to another state agency can occur.

AB 1264
AB 1264 will expand access to birth control by clarifying vague telehealth law and allow more patients to access birth control through a telehealth service app with reduced barriers.

AB 1327
AB 1327 will require licensed narcotic treatment programs to provide safe storage products to patients eligible to take medications off the premises.