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Save Our Youth - Assembly District 74 Nonprofit of the Year / Newport/Costa Mesa Organization Honored on California Nonprofits Day

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Today, Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at a special ceremony at the California State Capitol, Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Laguna Beach) recognized Mary Cappellini, who is the Pro-Bono Director of Development and Board Member from SAVE OUR YOUTH (SOY), as the Assembly District 74 Non-Profit of the Year. Cappellini was presented with a resolution honoring SOY’s contributions to the people of Orange County and the State of California.

Assemblywoman Petrie-Norris commended the nonprofit for its service to over 400 underserved youth of the Westside of Costa Mesa. She commented, “For 25 years, SOY has worked with our local teens – opening doors, creating opportunities and transforming lives. I’m thrilled to be able to honor Mary and her team today – what a powerful force for positive change!”

“SOY is a family, a special place where students come to study, to belong, or to just hang out with friends. Our teens feel as if SOY is a second home, thanks to our incredible volunteers from our community and our staff who help transform the lives of our youth every day. We try to level the playing field for the youth we serve, allowing them the same basic assistance that other kids get, like tutoring, internet access, help with college applications and private music lessons or even the chance to take a yoga or spin class. We are deeply humbled to be recognized by our Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris as a Nonprofit of the Year for her district,” says Mary Cappellini.

Save Our Youth was selected for its long history of civic involvement and the respect and cooperation it fosters within the community to which it contributes. SOY has served underprivileged students from various junior and high schools of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District for over 25 years. SOY changes the lives of hundreds of teens a year by providing them academic support and tutoring, assistance with college applications and college counseling, and college tours. SOY awards over $150,000 in college scholarships each year to first generation students attending the best colleges and universities in California. This year alone, SOY has 40 first generation students going off to colleges and universities with a SOY scholarship to assist them in their pursuit of higher education.

SOY has worked diligently to provide a safe and welcoming space for local teens to find hope, nourish their sense of self and ability to grow, and develop interests and skills in order to become productive members of society.

Assemblywoman Petrie-Norris takes great pleasure in congratulating SOY as the 74th Assembly District’s 2019 Nonprofit of the Year.