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Spectrum News 1: California bill to require breathalyzers for anyone convicted of a DUI

Sacramento, CA (April 23, 2024) - Two years ago, Angel Renteria was walking her dog when she was struck by a drunk driver. At 16, she spent months on life support and lost the ability to walk or speak.

It's stories like Renteria's that have led Orange County Assembly Member Cottie Petrie-Norris to author a bill to mandate anyone convicted of a DUI to install an interlock ignition device, or IID, such as a breathalyzer, in their vehicle.

Assembly Bill 2210 builds upon an existing state law to require the technology for people convicted of a second DUI offense. Expanding the requirement to first-time offenders "is an opportunity for us to stop these tragedies before the car event starts," Petrie-Norris said.